Married couple who went n@ked on TikTok reveals main reason behind their action

Ghanaian couple who went viral on social media after dancing half n@ked on TikTok has spoken. In the explicit video, the husband and the wife could be seen happily dancing their hearts out.

The husband was captured smoking and puffing the smoke out as if his life depends on it.

According to an unconfirmed report, the man was a pastor happily married to the woman in the video with two kids. They were living a good life until they lost their 2 children. The tragic death of their two children compelled them to start drinking alcohol, smoking, and worshipping idols to console themselves.

Some have also alleged that they used their children as a sacrifice to the gods they are now worshipping because they have turned into pagans.

The couple looked visibly unwell and appears to be suffering from a mental-related disease.

A lot of Ghanaians reacted to the video with a section slamming the couple for disgracing themselves on social media. Amidst the backlash, the wife has come out to speak for the first time concerning the viral video.

According to her, they purposely went nude on TikTok just to build their account. She insulted and additionally rained heavy curses on all the critics who are currently dragging them online for sharing such inappropriate content online.


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