Marriage and having kids won’t increase my money, I am not ready for it – Sister Derby

Ghanaian songstress, Sister Derby has opened up on why she is not ready to tie the knot with the love of her live or give birth.

The musician cum entrepreneur speaking in an interview on Ameyaw TV said marriage is the last thing on her mind.


According to her, marriage doesn’t increase her net worth so it’s the last thing on her mind.

“I am not desperate for marriage at all. If I don’t get married or have children, I am still happy and fine with myself. I don’t feel like it is the end of the world because of it, I have always been independent. I’m not rushing for marriage. Will it bring me 5 million dollars?
“Don’t force yourself into marriage because of societal pressures. Make sure that’s the right partner for you, understand each, have good communication and enjoy each other’s company.”