Man weeps during his wedding

Man weeps during his wedding over DNA result in a little town in Nigeria.

A man was seen shedding uncontrollable tears on his wedding day in a viral video.

The little information we gathered which some doubt could be true is that he was crying after he was mistakenly shown the DNA result he conducted some days prior to the wedding.


The wedding happened earlier this month in Nigeria.

Some sources also say he cried because he was overwhelmed with how everything in his life was moving on smoothly and to have gathered enough money to plan a wedding.

In the short video, his friends consoled him while he cried.

Have a look at the video below.

Meanwhile, a young married woman has sadly revealed how she lived with her husband’s side chick in the same room as her sister-in-law without knowing.

According to the woman who is a mother of two, her husband brought the lady to their house and introduced her as his sister who is coming to live with them.

The wife unknowingly treated the lady as her sister-in-law with all respect and humbleness.

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