Man returns to shop to give back what he stole there during his childhood [WATCH]

A young man has made a restitution of $600 to a shop owner which represents the things he stole there as a child.

The heartwarming moment captured in a video shared on TikTok showed the man interacting with the shop owner.

He brought out a list of edibles and asked the shop owner for the price of each. He would tick off in front of an item after hearing its price.

The items include 56 cans of soda, 49 bags of cookies, 61 ice cream bars, 42 cans of energy drinks, 32 chocolate candy bars, 28 bars of fruit snacks and 31 bags of popcorn.

After arriving at a total of $422 the young man counted $600  and gave it to the shop owner instead.

When the shocked shop owner quizzed to know what the money was for, he revealed that it accounted for what he stole there as a child.

The young man said he was changed and thought it wise to make the restitution. He then requested for a hug which the shop owner gave.