Man reportedly st@bs girlfriend 19 times to dɛ@th for dumping him

A 41-year-old man, Justin Musonda is currently in the grips of the police for st@bbing his 24-year-old girlfriend to dɛ@th for ditching him.

Justin decided to end the life of his partner after she dumped him despite paying her school fees up to the University level.

According to a police report, Justin Musonda st@bbed his girlfriend, 19 times around 04:00 AM at a lodge by telling her he only wants to spend one last night with him since she was leaving him.

Justin speaking with the police said he has been sponsoring his girlfriend’s education with the hope that they will get married after she completes school.

The lady after completing school decided to end their romantic relationship with the claim that she’s longer interested in the man and wants to marry someone who is educated.

After that, Justin convinced her to meet him at a lodge where he decided to mu.rdɛr her.

The sad incident happened in Malawi.

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