A Nigerian man has taken to social media to recount a sad series which led to the the death of his dear mother who was suffering from high blood pressure

According to the man, his mother who has been suffering from the disease for the past twenty(20) years passed on this morning on their way to the hospital after she was attacked by the illness severely

The man said some men from the Nigerian police force stopped the car his mother was being traveled in…the police insisted that, he pays ₦20,000 (GH¢321) or he won’t be granted a pass

The police officers were being deployed to the lockdown barrier to make sure the directive is being enforced, this man should however be granted a pass, since he had an emergency case at hand

The man not having cash on him begged them to accept an electronic cash but they refused stating that it was traceable

They then kept the man and his emergency sick mother at the barrier for over an hour waiting for them to provide the ₦20,000

Upon all the pleadings, they still kept them there until her mother finally passed on. He claims if they had even been able to get to the hospital early, his mother would have survived

He also blamed the unusual incident on the lockdown directive imposed on citizens due to the coronavirus disease

The man’s sad story has since been shared across the various social media networks so that who ever is responsible at a higher position will be notified and apprehend these policemen

Read his full ordeal below