Man Looking To Reduce The Size Of His Penis

An African man approximately 76 years of age is said to be seeking help in reducing the size of his manhood.

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According to the report, Robert Mudau in the previous year, went to a witch doctor to seek magical powers to enlarge his penis. The spiritual doctor gave him directions as to planting a tree. 

Reading further into the story, the direction was given that, as the tree grows Robert’s penis size will also grow. As the tree was planted, heavy rain washed the tree away to an unknown location.

As a result, Robert’s penis keeps on growing causing him discomfort. He now seeking help to stop the penis from growing. 

“The 76-year-old Nndanduleni Robert Mudau from Tshakhuma is looking for help to reduce the size of his pen1s. He said last year he went to a Sangoma/ Witc!hdoctor in Mutale to help him with an African Muti/ Potion to grow his pen1s. The Sangoma gave him a small tree that he must grow. When the tree grow, the pen1s grow as well. But the tree was washed away during floods when it was raining heavily in the village. Unfortunately the tree didn’t stop growing wherever it was taken to by floods. If you know anyone who can help please assist Robert.”