Man Kills Wife After He Found Out She Is Pregnant For Her Ex

A 43-year-old man has been arrested by the police for allegedly murdering his 37-year-old wife over infidelity

According to the wife’s mother, the husband had barely a month to the incident informed her he wants out of the marriage

Asking why he is taking such a decision after marrying her daughter for eight(8) years and having two kids with her, the man revealed her daughter has been having extra marital affairs

Shocked by his claim, the woman told him to exercise some patience as she prepares to unravel the truth…she blamed herself for her daughter’s death

Fast forward to barely a month, she received a call saying her daughter has been murdered by her son-in-law

Narrating why he indulged in such a wicked act, he said he read chats of her wife and her ex on whatsapp… The ex is in abroad and comes home yearly, in his recent visit, he had sex with his wife and has impregnated her

He further read his wife’s messages on facebook and saw she has been sending nude pictures to another two men

This however angered him…he couldn’t control himself over the attitude her wife exhibited when he confronted her about it

He has been kept in police custody awaiting trials