Man jokingly accuses girlfriend of cheating only for her to confess and blame him

A young man played a prank on his girlfriend which left him with a broken heart because it came with a shocking revelation.

Ruddy jokingly accused his girlfriend of cheating on him thinking that she would deny it, rather she confessed her unfaithfulness.

He shared a screenshot of the chat between them on WhatsApp where she confessed to cheating on him after he accused her, not knowing he was only playing a prank.

The man said he knew but kept silent about it, however, she said that she was expecting him to talk about it since the last time she visited him. She went further to blame him for being the reason that she cheated on him.

He shared the chat on Twitter with the caption; ”Played a prank on my gf and yes it turned out to be true 😭 💔”
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