A 35-year-old man who admitted to sneaking out of a quarantine hotel to visit his girlfriend is the first Australian to be jailed for breaching COVID-19 rules.

Jonathan David was sentenced to six months and two weeks behind bars.He was also fined $2,000.

Magistrate Elaine Campione slammed his actions, saying he “chose to roll the dice with other people’s lives”.

“We must protect the community from those who do not care,” she said.

Jonathan David admitted to breaching quarantine.

David had travelled from Victoria and was sent into quarantine at the Travelodge Hotel for 14 days.

He admitted he snuck out of the hotel and used public transport to visit his girlfriend.

Police said he wedged open a fire exit door at the hotel so he could leave and reenter without staff seeing him.

A police prosecutor previously described David’s actions as “gross stupidity”.