Man in shock as he finds out his friend’s girlfriend & youth pastor is a hook-up girl after paying her for her service.

Trusting people is not an easy task and for a man to boldly decide to trust his girlfriend well enough to marry should not be jeopardized.

In a social media post, the bitter experience of seeing his friend’s purported future wife as a call-girl at a hotel is recounted by a young man.

According to the man in question, seeing the lady who is a youth pastor, as well as the same baby whom his friend claimed to have seen in a revelation as his future bride, left him speechless.

Furthermore, the stated lady, who leads praise and worship at their church, lives a double life.

An excerpt of the post read;

This goes to those who thinks been shown a revelation of who their wife or husband will be is enough reason why they should go ahead to marry such person without doing their own proper check. The babe wey dem carry come give me for my hotel room for knack na my guy babe who happens to be youth pastor at the same youth church she is a lead singer. Both will be getting married mid next year…

E still dey do me like say na film or na dream I dey dream. I lust can’t wrap my over this and to think baba tell me say he has prayed over it and she’s person he saw in his e6velation still baffles dem no show my guy say she dey do hookup.f.’

Mind you I no touch am ,me just tell am say make she sey go .
She is on Twitter and I’m sure she will see probably see this.

Have a look at the full post below.

Man in shock as he finds out his friend's girlfriend
Man in shock as he finds out his friend's girlfriend
Man in shock as he finds out his friend's girlfriend

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