Man goes to police station, begs officers to lock him up

A man identified as Alex Omondi shocked Kenyan police officers after he walked to the station and begged them to lock him behind bars.

According to a video shared by one Twitter user @fredrickOdhiam3, Alex decided to storm the police station because their motto says ‘Service to All’.

He explained that his landlord has locked his house and he has no place to sleep.

“I don’t have a place to sleep. My house has been closed by the landlord. So, I am here because the police motto is Service to All,” he said.

He begged the police officers to accuse him of a crime he hasn’t committed and lock him for the night.

Alex said they can release him the next day or even take him to court.

The officers told him that cells are meant for criminals and not innocent people like him. He pleaded with them to suggest a crime he could commit or fabricate a crime against him.

Watch the video below;