Man escapes after k!lling girlfriend

Man escapes after k!lling his girlfriend and hid body in a fridge after the gruesome act.

This news is very bad since murder is barbaric and inhumane.

Police in the Volta area is on the lookout for a man identified only as Frank, who is accused of killing his fiancée and storing her corpse in a refrigerator in his rented accommodation.

After perpetrating the murder, the suspect, who is a renter in a residence in Ho-Fiave, a suburb of Ho, is said to have departed the region.

On Monday, November 22, neighbors of the suspect stormed into his building after smelling an unpleasant stink emitting from his room, according to DSP Afia Tenge, the area command’s public relations officer.

They found the girlfriend of the aforementioned renter, only known as Lizzy, dead in a refrigerator after forcing their way inside the residence.

An investigative team of police officers proceeded to the scene and conveyed the almost decomposed body to the Ho Municipal hospital morgue for autopsy, after careful inspection.

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