A 22-year-old man has been arrested for cutting off his wife’s hand from the wrist, in Yobe State, Nigeria

The man identified as Baari Bacha reportedly attacked his wife Halima Bulama, after she disobeyed his order not to attend a friend’s ceremony

Confirming the arrest, the Police Public Relations Officer of Yobe State Command, Dungus Abdulkarim said in a statement that, Bacha became furious after a heated argument with his wife, and then used a cutlass to carry the act

Preliminary investigations revealed that, on April 14,2020, the victim, Halima Bulama(20) sought permission from her husband to attend an event. But he refused to grant her request, she however left when her husband went out

When he came back home, he asked of her whereabouts and was told she had gone to the event. He reportedly went looking for her but didn’t find her

He became furious and waited until she came. He questioned her why she left the house and it turned into a heated argument resulting in the husband displaying her wrist