Man cries like a baby on live TV after wife told him he’s not the father of their child

A Ghanaian man couldn’t hold back his tears during an interview on live television after his wife disclosed to him that he’s not the biological father of one of their three children.

The man cried his heart out while explaining how his wife slept with another man and got pregnant to Mama Efe on Nhyira FM.

According to him, his wife whom he has two kids with broke up with him and packed her things out of his house with reasons best known to her. She subsequently came back and they settled together as husband and wife again.

The sorrowful man said before his wife came back, she was already pregnant but refused to made it known to him. They had s*x so he thought he was responsible for the pregnancy and took care of her till she gave birth.

The man who was full of tears said the wife disclosed to him a few weeks ago that he’s not the father of their last child because she cheated on him with another man after their sudden breakup.

The woman who was present at the studio of Nhyira FM could be seen kneeling and begging her husband for forgiveness because it wasn’t intentional.

Watch the video below ;