Man catches his Nurse wife cheating, sees her NΔkəd video and she confesses to cheating with 9 men

A married man has taken to social media to share a story of how his wife cheated on him with multiple men.

According to the man, he tied the knot with his wife in 2013 and they were happily living together as husband and wife until 2017 when she got admission to further her nursing education with a post-graduate program.

When the wife left home for school in another town, the marriage started facing challenges as communication broke down to all time low.

In the man’s story, he admitted he was at fault because he was always busy with work and even when the wife showed that she needed attention he wasn’t giving her the attention.

According to him, aside his being busy, he was flirting with some girls on social media and the wife managed to find out and confronted one of the girls.

The man said though he never slept with any of the social media ladies he was flirting with, he felt guilty and apologized.

Fast forward 2018, the wife graduated and reunited with him and the marriage started being beautiful again.

There was one thing getting low in the marriage, they couldn’t get intimate like it used to be.

When ever he tried to get them to address their low intimacy problem, the wife blamed him that he was not being romantic.

He tried to be a little romantic by taking her wife out for dates and stuff to spark their love.

Fast forward 2021 he dropped his wife went for a night duty at her hospital and when he got home, the wife used a colleague’s phone to call him that she’s left her phone in the car so he should put it on charge for him.

The husband said the phone was off so he put it on charge and after about 30 and switch it on.

Though he had trust for the wife he was tempted to open it but there was password so he called their 7-year-old son if he know his mother’s password and boom, the boy opened the phone.

Going through the wife’s chat broke him into pieces which he hasn’t recovered yet.

The wife was cheating with multiple men on social media to the extent that she went her.

He gathered courage to sleep and in the morning when the wife returned from work, he went for the family Holy Bible and prayed for wisdom.


The man handed the Holy Bible to the wife and asked her to promise to tell the truth because they are coming to discuss family issues which she did

Then the man asked him whether she knows So so and so only for the wife to be dumbfounded as she was shocked.

Later she confessed but blamed it on the lack of affection the husband developed for her as she wasn’t getting even mere attention.

She said she thought the husband was cheating that is why he wasn’t giving her affection so when this So so and so came to her life, she easily gave in as she needed someone to satisfy her.

The wife confessed to cheating with 9 men.

According the husband she’s forgiven her because of their 3 children, 7-year-old son and 5 and 2 years old daughters.

Despite forgiving her, the thing keeps tormenting him in his sleep.