Man angrily takes back everything he bought for a lady after she rejected his proposal [WATCH]

A video circulating online sees a young man compelling a lady believed to be his girlfriend to take off everything he bought for her.

The man forced the lady to take off slippers and her clothes for not accepting his proposal.

The incident happened at a market place and the market women who felt bad about the plight of the lady asked the man to forgive her and allowed her to keep her clothes on.

But the young man remains adamant and continues to ask the lady to take off her clothes.

Watch the video below;



In other news, drama ensued after an angry first wife stormed a wedding event to put an end to the marriage ceremony of her husband who was secretly married to another woman.

Reports have it that the man already had a first wife but decided to marry another woman to add to his first wife.

Unfortunately, the marriage ceremony came to a halt after the first wife had a tipoff that her husband is secretly marrying another woman.

The first wife stormed the event and caused a lot of commotion.

In a video available to us, the woman could be seen holding the neck of her husband for attempting to marry a second wife without her knowledge.

Watch the video below;