NDC flagbearer for the 2020 general election, ex President John Dramani Mahama has advised and cautioned the separatist militants in Volta Region to be lay their “Western Togoland” territory claim to bed.

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Mr. Mahama made his advice and caution known when he addressed the Chiefs and people of Jinijini in the Bono Region. 

During the gathering to mark day one of his working visit to the region, the ex President declared that Ghana was a sovereign country and would not “sit aloof and watch some people take Ghana”

Mr. Mahama in attempt to make these Western Togoland group see that Ghana is not only a place but individuals of different historic backgrounds stated:

“Just a few days ago some unknown persons came to block roads claiming that Volta region is theirs so they want their independence. Ghana’s land belongs to Ghana,Ghana is a sovereign republic and nobody can claim a part of Ghana. When Rawlings built Ghana, we were all part. All of us come together to make Ghana so we cannot sit aloof and watch some people take Ghana. If it’s so, then everyone will trace their history and come for a part of their share which will not be a good thing. What brings us together is the fact that we are all Ghanaians.”