Maadwoa’s friend who allegedly brought her out to get kīlled finally speaks

In the aftermath of the tragic death of Maadwoa, a Ghanaian woman allegedly killed by her police boyfriend, the lady at the center of the incident, identified as Maakua, has finally spoken out about her involvement.

In an official statement released to the press, Maakua denied any involvement in the incident, stating that she was not present when Maadwoa was killed. She went further to say that she had no prior knowledge of the events that led to Maadwoa’s death and did not place the phone call that allegedly led to the tragedy.

Maakua also expressed her concern for her own safety, noting that she has been the target of online harassment and threats since the incident. She called for calm and for the proper authorities to investigate the matter thoroughly.

The death of Maadwoa has sparked outrage and protests in Ghana, with many calling for justice for the victim and for an end to violence against women in the country. The police officer believed to be responsible for her death has been arrested and is currently awaiting trial.

Watch her interview below:

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