Maa Adwoa Murder case: Police Officer’s wife allegedly divorces him

The recent shooting of Maa Adwoa, allegedly by her police officer boyfriend Inspector Ahmed Twumasi, has led to not only a homicide charge but also the possibility of divorce proceedings.

According to reports, Maa Adwoa had already communicated to Inspector Ahmed’s family that she was no longer interested in being married to their son and had annulled their union. This was evident when she refused to attend her husband’s first court hearing.

Inspector Ahmed has since admitted to shooting Maa Adwoa six times, though he claims that it was not his intention to kill her. He also alleged that Maa Adwoa owed him GHC5,000, which she had refused to repay.

While the homicide charge is a serious matter, the divorce proceedings may also play a central role in the case. The reasons behind Maa Adwoa’s desire to end the marriage are currently unknown, but they could provide some insight into the events that led up to her tragic death.

As the investigation continues, more details may emerge regarding the relationship between Inspector Ahmed and Maa Adwoa, and the extent to which their marital problems may have played a role in the events that took place.

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