I’m sorry take me back – Long-Lost Father of Agya Koo Surfaces, makes shöcking reveal

A man who identified himself as Mr Kwasi Bediako, a former COCOBOD employee, has come forward claiming to be the biological father of Kumawood actor and comedian, Kofi Adu, popularly known as Agya Koo, after years of estrangement.

In an exclusive interview with Nana Sefa Hwenebobo on GHANA NEWS TV, Mr Bediako disclosed that he had an amorous affair with Agya Koo’s mother at the now-defunct Meridian Hotel in Tema in the early 60s.

He claims that he was not aware of Agya Koo’s existence until he saw him on television recently and recognized certain traits and characteristics.

Mr Bediako explained that after he was informed of the outcome of the affair, Agya Koo’s mother disappeared, leaving no trace of their whereabouts, which led to his absence from their life. When asked why he waited so long to disclose his identity, he stated that he was shy and afraid, and did not want it to appear like he was seeking Agya Koo because of his fame.

While the authenticity of Mr Bediako’s claims is yet to be confirmed, it has generated significant interest and speculation on social media. The public is also asking questions about the whereabouts of Agya Koo’s mother and the circumstances leading to her raising Agya Koo as a single mother