Little girl falls and d!es while dancing in church

Little girl falls and d!es while dancing in church with her colleagues. has sighted a video in which a young Nigerian lady died while on stage.

It all started when a group of four teens took to the stage to perform their rehearsed dance; however, one of them appeared to pass out during the act and collapsed.

Surprisingly, the other three team members continued to dance despite someone collapsing next them since they assumed it was nothing serious, but when they noticed she had been immobile for some time, they were concerned.

They went to her help after that, but it was too late as she did not respond.

She was later discovered deceased, the reason of which was unknown.

Have a look at the video below.

In November, an SHS student also d!ed whiles dancing on stage during entertainment.

The student and his dance crew were entertaining guests at a dance show when an attempted backflip move backfired, causing him to land on his neck and become unconscious.

The student, who was standing on the shoulders of his colleagues, could be seen flipping in the video.

The student seemed to have passed out on the spot of which he was immediately rushed to the clinic for medical attention.

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