Little boy weeps uncontrollably as he fears Russia will send bombs to Nigeria

A video circulating online shows a Nigerian schoolboy crying uncontrollably over fears that Russia will send missiles to attack his country.

The video sees a lady asking the little boy why he is shedding tears.

The young boy believed to 8 years disclosed that he is crying over fears of losing his precious life if Russia decide to send bombs to Nigeria.

He added that the entire country will be destroyed if Russia attacks them.

“If they (Russia) send the bomb to Nigeria, all of us will now die,” he said.

Watch the video below:


In other news, CCTV footage shows moment a yet-to-be-identified mother and her little child carrying out a stealing operation in a boutique in Accra.

In the video, the child started misbehaving and began playing with some items in the shop. This compelled the shop attendant to give her phone to the child to play with.

The little boy switched off the phone and gave it to his mom who was window-shopping.

The little boy then, at that point, moved to the counter of the shop to take cash acknowledged from deals made before in the day.

Upon realizing a CCTV camera was probably recording the area, the mother hastily removed her son from the area.

Watch the video below;