The legalization of Lesbian, G@y, Bis£xual Transgender, and Queer Inters£x (LGBTQI) in Ghana has become a national debate for a couple of weeks now after European Union commended Ghana for respecting the rights of LGBT.

The issue of LGBTQI became a nationwide pandemic in Ghana particularly after the commissioning of their office space at an unknown location in the country’s capital.

After the opening of their newly-opened office, religious leaders and traditional leaders including some politicians have frowned against the practice of LGBT in Ghana because it’s against the cultural values and norms in the country. A lot of Ghanaians also condemned the actions of Representatives of European Union in Ghana as well as diplomats including Australian High Commissioner, Ghana who attended the opening ceremony of the LGBT new office and endorsed an illegality that is against the laws of Ghana.

The laws of Ghana, tradition, culture and religions disavow homos3xuality and criminalize same.

Well, some individuals and groups including Ghanaian celebrities are also fighting for the rights of this LGBT society. Two Ghanaian celebrities who have constantly advocating for the right of LGBT and calling for legalization are musician Wanluv Kobolor and his sister Deborah Vanessa aka Sister Derby.


Sister Derby

Deborah Vanessa popularly known as Sister Derby has kicked against individuals, traditional and religious leaders who have called for the immediate closure of the newly-opened LGBT office in the country’s capital because it’s against the cultural values of Ghana.

Derby took to Twitter and stated emphatically that members of LGBT community are only seeking their rights by the state so that they will be protected from homophobes.


In a Twitter post, she wrote;

“Bloodclarts, legalizing #LGBTQI does not mean they are coming to molest or rape you like your uncles did while mothers protected them. That’s a crime. It means they will be protected from homophobes like you, so you can’t harm them! Let them be! Period!”


Wanluv Kubolor

Over the past months, Wanluv Kuborlor’s firm advocacy for the right of LGBTQ has earned him the title of unofficial spokesperson for the community in Ghana even though he revealed he deserves the position. To him, it’s their rights and need to be protected.

Many people are under the impression that Wanluv and Derby have been paid to sway naive people into accepting the act which remains a criminal offense in the country.

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