Lesbian clashes with her mother over sexuality

Lesbian clashes with her mother over sexuality in Nigeria.

Amarachi, a popular Nigerian lesbian and Instagram star who has always rubbed her sexuality in the faces of Nigerians despite the apparent repercussions, is at odds with her mother over her sexuality.

Amara is seen arguing with her mother in a new video, telling her that she is a proud lesbian, apologizing for any trouble she may have caused her.

Amara was also seen in the video exchanging words with her mother, who blamed her for the criticism she has received from others.

People have been pointing fingers and criticizing her because of her sexuality, according to her mother.

Amara, who appeared irritated by the discussion, insisted that she is not a “sin” because she is a lesbian. It is not her fault, she claims, that she is in Nigeria, where people are judgmental.

Have a look at the video below

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