Legalize weed smoking — Amakye Dede appeals to gov’t

Ghanaian higlife music legend, Amakye Dede says smoking marijuana does not cause someone to be evil and he has no qualms with its legalization.

Speaking in an interview with GhOne TV, the music icon highlighted on the profits some countries have received from the sales and the use of the psychoactive drug.

“I have tried it before, but I didn’t like it. In America and parts of Germany and Amsterdam, they’ve legalised it. They are earning money from it. So in fact, if somebody tells you Ghanaians should legalize weed, I don’t think it’s a problem.”

Amakye Dede also addressed the impression that using the drug cause people to act untoward. He mentioned that some musicians use it before performing making them “extra energetic”.

If you smoke weed, you are not a bad person. It makes one extra energetic.