Ghanaian comedy actor, writer, and director
Richmond Xavier Amoakoh popularly known as Lawyer Nti has finally opened up about the controversies surrounding his departure from the Kejetia vs Makola production.

Lawyer Nti graced Ghanaians with the exclusion explanation when he was interviewed by Zionfelix today, February 4th, 2021 whiles he was on set for a different production house.

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According to the renowned comedian, he just moved on with his journey as a content creator as everyone does when a time is due but not because the production house could not meet his demands.

Lawyer Nti further denied claims that he turned his back on the production because of greediness or anger but revealed that he just felt that it was time to move on with his career to explore unchartered waters.

Reacting to countless reports indicating that he left the production house because he made excessive demands, he said humans hate mystery, so they assume just to fill the void of not knowing.

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Leizer Legacy is the production house that created the popular show on JoyPrime TV with some amazing characters like Lawyer Nti, Clemento Suarez, and others.