Last video of Maa Adwoa with her daughter before she was sh0t to de@th

Maa Adwoa and police inspector Ahmed Twumasi have been making headlines for the past few days after the latter shot the former to de@th at Adum, Kumasi.

According to reports, Inspector Twumasi shot Maa Adwoa who is said to be his girlfriend for cheating on him.

Although she denied the accusation, her boyfriend insisted on her guilt and imposed restrictions on her movements and communication.

In response, the woman asked for a breakup, but her jealous boyfriend refused and threatened dire consequences if she ended the relationship.

Despite the warning, the woman broke up with him. However, this further infuriated the boyfriend, who tracked her down and fatally shot her.

Reports suggest that Maadwoa had a daughter with her baby daddy who she was allegedly dating alongside Inspector Ahmed Twumasi.

A video that has been sighted on social media has Maadwoa dancing with her daughter.

She was definitely a free-spirited girl who was full of life.

Check out the video below;

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