Lady storms boyfriend’s house to take back boxers she bought for him after breakup

A video going viral sees moment a lady who has been ditched by her boyfriend stormed his house to take back boxers she bought for him when they were dating.

In the video, the lady could be seen going to her ex-boyfriend’s house with her sisters to take back the under pants she purchased for him.

As revealed by one of the ladies who recorded the video, if the guy claims he doesn’t like their sister again, then there’s no way they will allow him to keep the things she bought for him.

Aside from retrieving the boxers she bought for him, they also hinted that they will seize his phone so that he karns a bitter lesson from breaking their sister’s heart.

As revealed by the vengeful ladies, they will resort to ‘war’ if the guy refuses to give them back the things they will request for.

Citing the video, one can tell the ladies are very young and naive.