Lady narrates how her uncle slept with her

Lady narrates how her uncle slept with her and 2 sisters at Efijase Dadease a town around Kumasi in the Ashanti Region.

The lady identified as Margaret speaking on Akoma FM said her uncle got one of the sisters pregnant in the process.

According to Margaret, she was a virgin before her uncle did this to her. She said she was in the house when her uncle came to call her to go and sweep his room for him. She agreed and went with him to sweep the room since he is her uncle. She entered the room started sweeping and her uncle came to push her onto his bed. She says she asked him why that and he boldly told her he wants to sleep with her. She told him she will tell her mum and her uncle told her she will kill her and cut her mother into pieces if she does. He still forced her and did whatever he wanted to do with her,she narrated.

All the three sisters shared the same story as the modus operandi of their uncle.

The uncle admitted the offense and pleaded for mercy after being contacted by the host of the program.

Also, Kennedy Agyapong’s baby mama rains curses on him over claims he had neglected her daughter to suffer in life.

The Ghanaian politician and businessman who represents Assin Central is married to numerous women with 22 children.

Kennedy Agyapong's baby mama rains curses on him

According to Moira Kennedy Agyapong, Agyapong was a terrible father who neglected her daughter at a time when she needed him to guide and direct her as she went through life.

She also revealed that Kennedy never sent a penny to support her daughter, who recently graduated from university, and thus he has lost the right to add her to the number of children he has had since the day he would do so.

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