A twenty-eight(28) year old woman from Port Harcourt, Nigeria has committed suicide one year after her lover called of their engagement in the last minute

She died of overdose

Sources reveal the woman had been distant after the heartbreak, cutting contacts with both friends and family, except one close friend

“The lady had always been crying of the heartbreak” the friend said. She further stated her friend was never able to overcome the disappointment

According to other friends who were able to come in contact with the lady eight months after the scene claimed she was healing gradually

“the first time she picked my call after the incident, she smiled on the phone. She told me she had missed me. I quickly went over to her place. We talked at large, she was healing” one friend revealed

The boyfriend cited no better reason for the break up according to Family

What actually triggered the suicide is not known, but friends believe she might have heard the boyfriend had marry another lady