Lady in Wa flogging video tells her side of the story

The young lady who was whipped together with her boyfriend at Wa Naa’s Palace after their s³xtape popped online has finally spoken.

The lady speaking in an interview said she has left home and cannot go to work as well.

She opened up on the social and psychological impact of the beating that she received.

“When the young men came to me, they told me to go with them to the palace and while we were on our way, they kept beating me until we reached the palace,” she told a TV3 reporter.

“Among the crowd, I could hear people yell, flog her, flog her. There was nobody to my rescue. I was severely injured with bruises and blisters on my back and bʋttocks after they fl0gged me 20 times,” she added.

After her release from the Palace, she recounted having to bear the cost of her treatment and how the incident was affecting her because she is unable to return to her place of work.

“I was left to my fate. I had to call a friend who took me to the Wa municipal hospital for treatment and paid for the treatment; I think it was between five hundred and six hundred cedis.”