Nigel Gaisie speaks on his video with Tiktok

Lady in Nigel Gaisie’s bedroom video speaks for the first time after the incident.

Two nights ago, a video of controversial Ghanaian Prophet Nigel Gaisie in bed with a young lady identified as Akosua Vendetta who was not wearing a shirt appeared online, causing a lot of excitement.

In the video, Nigel Gaisie and the young lady whom he has said is the blood sister was seen lying in bed with the head of the lady leaning towards that of the prophet.

The prophet has said it severally that the Akosua Vendetta is a cousin to him and has no sexual relationship with her.

But Akosua Vendetta who has been officially identified as Sandra Mantey who spoke about the video with her mother and she also debunked all the sexually related claims about the video.

She was heard in the Facebook Live Video that;

“You were eating and I asked that we take a TikTok video but you hit me. I threw a pillow at you after which I sat by you and recorded the video ‘by force’,”

“They should stop tarnishing your name because you are my uncle we are not into a sexual relationship.”

Have a look at the video below.