Lady exposes Slay queen
Photo of the twitter user

Lady exposes slay queen who slept with 300 men to buy a car.

If you think in layman’s language, a slay queen is a woman who wants to choke everyone else with how beautiful they feel they are and how they do their “cool stuff” you might have to update your definition.

Instead, the meaning of slay queen on social media is a lady who is concerned with how expensive she appears on social media.

The Jae dropping attitude is that a slqyqueen will go an extra mile to maintain a fake lifestyle and the revelation by the Twitter shows how toxic it is.

The Twitter user wrote;

”I hate myself for eavesdropping, but this lady told her friend in the lounge that under 5 months she had a Target of 300 men and she fulfilled it; and that’s what got her the Lexus RX 2019 and her iPhone.

Her friend was now advising her to reduce the number and go for richer guys…”

Have a look at the tweet below.

Lady exposes Slay queen who slept with 300 men to buy a car