Lady buys expensive yacht for husband on wedding day

Lady buys expensive yacht for husband on their wedding day in America.

An American woman has raised the bar high up to the sky after she surprised her husband with an expensive gift on their wedding day.

In the viral video, the lady was heard saying her reasons as

”I didn’t know what to get you, you gave me my dream wedding and it’s hard to get you something that you already don’t have, since we are in Miami I figured it’s only fit for me to buy you a yacht,’

Have a look at the video below.

Meanwhile, Self-acclaimed queen of Ghana comedy, Afia Schwarzenegger has also shared her sentiment on the recent reports on women abused in marriages.

Lady buys expensive yacht for husband on wedding day

According to the mother of twins, women staying in abusive marriages should pack their things and leave because marriage is not a ticket to heaven or success.

She further advised fellow women who are cruelly mishandled by their partners to leave the marriage or relationship and live their own lives to prevent their men from k!lling them.

“We don’t take marriage to heaven, it is not a ticket to success. Marriage is not part of the cup used to measure a successful person. Don’t let your abusive partner k!ll you. Don’t let the love of money lead you to abusive marriage else you’ll d!e. A man who insults or beats you is abusive, don’t stay with him, ” she said.