Ladies may ask for COVID-19 test results before accepting proposals – Ursula Owusu

Ladies may ask for COVID-19 test results before accepting proposals, Ursula Owusu has suggested.

Her statement comes after news broke that COVID-19 can reduce fertility in men.

Covid-19 may damage sperm quality and reduce fertility in men, according to a new study based on experimental evidence.

The viral disease — which has swept the globe, claiming nearly 2.2 million lives — can cause increased sperm cell death, inflammation and so-called oxidative stress, researchers reported Friday in the journal Reproduction.

Taking to her Facebook page, Ursula admitted the issues about impotence did not only affect bit in the long term affect women.

The Communications and Digitization Minister-designate Ursula Owusu-Ekuful also called on everyone to stay on guard and obey all the protocols provided by the health services where ever they are.

She wrote

 “Covid is real ooo people. This latest twist isn’t only a problem for the men but for all of us INTERESTED STAKEHOLDERS!!!! Please mask up and save your relationships. We may demand negative test results before we commit ooo. Push us not and mask up!!! Save your life and that of the stakeholder(s). Guys, take note. A WORD TO THE WISE”.

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Ladies may ask for COVID-19 test results before accepting proposals – Ursula Owusu

“These findings provide the first direct experimental evidence that the male reproductive system could be targeted and damaged by Covid-19,” the authors concluded.

Experts commenting on the research, however, said the capacity of the virus to compromise fertility in men remains unproven.

Behzad Hajizadeh Maleki and Bakhtyar Tartibian from Justus-Liebig-University in Germany searched for biological markers that might indicate a negative impact on fertility.

Analysis done at 10-day intervals for 60 days in 84 men with Covid-19 was compared to data for 105 healthy men.

In the Covid-19 patients, sperm cells showed a significant increase in markers of inflammation and oxidative stress, a chemical imbalance that can damage DNA and proteins in the body.

‘Strong note of caution’

“These effects on sperm cells are associated with lower sperm quality and reduced fertility potential,” said Maleki in a statement.

“Although these effects tended to improve over time, they remained significantly and abnormally higher in the Covid-19 patients.”

The more severe the disease, the bigger the changes, he added.

The male reproductive system “should be considered a vulnerable route of Covid-19 infection and declared a high-risk organ by the World Health Organisation,” Maleki said.