Lɛak audio: Asantewaa call on Ghana Police for the arrɛst of Cyril’s Baby Mama for dʊping her 3.3billion

Reports went viral yesterday that the wife of former YOLO actor Aaron Adatsi aka Cyril has scammed TikToker Asantewaa of GHc300,000.

According to reports, Asantewaa gave the money to Aarons wife, Eyram to build a mansion for her.

Although it was unclear how many months or years Asantewaa had spent building the mansion, reports said that she was in the midst of doing so. According to reports, she intends to finish everything swiftly and formally move into the house in one month.

She asked Eyram for assistance, and Eyram put her in touch with her contractor cousin. Asantewaa trusted Eyram with the idea since they were buddies.

According to reports, Asantewaa trusted Eyram completely to manage the project on her behalf after paying the contractor GH300,000. This is because she was too busy to monitor the house’s progress.

Asantewaa allegedly visited the location last week, but nothing has been done there since. According to sources, Asantewaa tried unsuccessfully to contact the contractor and Eyram.

Asantewaa has reportedly been so devastated by the news that she has been sobbing ever since the occurrence, according to those close to her.

Information gathered have it that she has reported the matter to the Ghana Police Service.