Kwaku Manu joins Lilwin to fight TikTok stars

Renowned actor Kwaku Manu has also fired some shots at self-acclaimed TikTok stars in Ghana.

Issues surrounding TikTok stars made headlines after they attacked actress and television host, Nana Ama McBrown for going live on the app to take gifts from staunch fans.

This compelled Lilwin to unleash an attack on them for disrespecting his colleague actress.

Lilwin’s anger was fueled by the fact that these Tiktok stars mocked and ridiculed Nana Ama Mcbronw after she went live on the social media platforms and received gifts (Money) from her fans and loved ones.

According to Lilwin in his fulminate, the Tiktok stars who indirectly subbed Nana Ama Mcbrown are not celebrities in the first place and it would take them forever to be in the same pedigree as the screen goddess.

Well, Kwaku Manu has also joined Lilwin to defend McBrown.

According to Kwaku Manu, these Tiktojs stars see themselves as untouchable and very important in the showbiz industry but in the grand scheme of things, they are irrelevant.

Kwaku Manu also gloated that he can get all these Tiktok stars arrested within a twinkling because of his influence in society so they should learn to be humble and respected movie stars because they are the seniors in the game.

Watch him speak below;