Kwaku Manu descends on producers who destroyed Agya Koo's career

Kwaku Manu descends on producers who destroyed Agya Koo’s career during a recent interview.

During an interview on Happy FM, Kwaku Manu, a Ghanaian comedian, actor, and Youtuber, stated that some producers purposefully harmed his and Agya Koo’s careers.

When asked why Agya Koo no longer casts in movies, he explained that some industry players plotted and planned to keep Agya Koo out of the spotlight due to how quickly he made money from acting.

He was heard saying;

“People especially Ghanaians hate the truth and personally I get irritated and do not like people who always lie about others and try to destroy them because of their progress. I see the person as a devil because I do not understand why anyone will do that.”
“So at some point in time, people were no longer using Agya Koo to act movies because instead of making gains they kept on making loses so they stopped using him.”