Kumchacha exposes Sonnie Badu for this fake miracle

Prophet Nicholas Osei, the founder and leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministries, also known as Kumchacha, has publicly discredited the supposed miracle performed by Sonnie Badu, a musician turned pastor.

In an interview on Onua TV on April 19, 2023, Kumchacha stated that he does not believe in such miracles and suggested that Sonnie Badu may have used dye to deceive his followers into believing that the anointing oil had turned into blood.

“Let me state it categorically that, I don’t have a problem with Sonnie Badu, I told you last week that I used to stay with him in London, and we have worked together before. So, I know him and he also knows me, he texts me I also text him, but it is like when the pork issue came, people started reading meanings into it, that we were having beef but we don’t.

“But for this particular one, you said he was praying for people and he was pouring oil in their palms which turned into blood, it is not dye? Dye and blood are almost the same thing, so you won’t see any difference. So, for me, I don’t believe that it was the blood of Jesus that they saw in their palms but maybe it was a dye,” he said.

Kumchacha clarified that he has no personal issues with Sonnie Badu and that they have previously worked together. He emphasized, however, that he thinks the miracle is fake and that the use of fake miracles is not uncommon among some pastors.

Kumchacha concluded that he believes in genuine miracles but this particular one about Sonnie Badu is not one of them. The reported incident involved Sonnie Badu turning anointing oil into blood during a church service.