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Video: Kumawood Actor, Ogyam Caught Red Handed Stealing Second Hand Phone

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When one takes another person’s property without their legal right with no intention of returning is known to be stealing. Most people steal to prove their independence as others do so for they do not have self respect. Other times, one steals due to jealousy and low self-esteem, as one also does so due to peer-pressure. 

A Ghanaian Kumawood actor, also a social media commentator, popularly known on the social media as Ogyam is reported in a video on the social media of stealing a cell phone of his friend. 

According to the report, given by Nana Agradaa on Thunder Tv, Madam Abrefi visited Ghana from abroad per her visit, Ogyam accompanied her to her house for he was a close friend with her. 

As the actor was visiting Madam Abrefi and family at their house at Kumasi- Tafo, Madam Abrefi reported her missing phone. Watching the video, immediately the phone was reported missing, Ogyam asked permission to leave the scene  but one of the women responded he should stay until they search for the phone. 

Adding up to the story, one woman at the house requested for them to use another phone to call on the phone so they can locate the missing phone. When the call was made, a phone started to ring inside the actor’s pocket.  The actor responded it was not his intention for taking the phone but did not give reason how the phone landed inside his pocket.  

After the phone was found, one of the women made it known to the actor she will disgrace Ogyam and made the story known to the public by posting it on Youtube and also made it known to the people of Tafo. The ladies walked Ogyam out of the house by using force. 

As the video is trending on the social media, adepanews.com, will be following Ogyam’s responds on the allegations placed against him. 

Below is the video:

Source: adepanews.com 

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