Wife destroys V8 car

Wife destroys V8 car because husband has been cheating alot with the car.

Angela Ntim, 55 year old wife of one Ntim Frank was arrested for instilling fear and panic at Pandora Estate in Aboabo Number 2, Kumasi.

She was arrested after one Eva Tawiah reported her to the Aboabo Police for causing harm, destroying property, and threatening to beat her if she sees her anywhere.

Faustina Fordjour, a woman in Canada, is said to have supported Angela and her husband when things became difficult for them in 2017.

Angela’s younger sister, Faustina Fordjour, not only paid for Merlinda’s university and law school education and also gifted them the now damaged V8 car.

After seeing the car parked in the house of Eva Tawiah, who she suspected was keeping the husband in her room, the wife became very suspicious.

“The car is my car, I destroyed it because I saw it in another woman’s house. I don’t know who took it there, but I suspected my husband and that was why I destroyed it so robbers can’t use it, if I can’t find him” she was heard saying while destroying the car.

Meanwhile, Lady says she is single because the road to her town is very bad,in a hilarious video.

The lady who was asked what she thought about the bad state of their roads revealed that she is very beautiful but still single because Nana Addo has not worked on their road for them.

Lady says she is single because the road to her town is very bad

It may seem hilarious but she had a very good explanation.

According to the lady, all of the men who were supposed to marry her have failed to do so because they are unable to travel into their town due to the poor condition of their roads.

She went on to say that the road is now too dangerous to walk alone on because armed robbers hide in the bushes and steal from people who use it.

Have a look at the video below