Kuami Eugene, Kidi become radio hosts at Adom FM [VIDEO]

Kuami Eugene, Kidi become radio hosts at Adom FM when they went there for an interview yesterday.

Adom FM listeners had the privilege of listening to the two singers as they became their host for a show yesterday.

Musicians Kuami Eugene and Kidi had one of their best times yesterday while on Adom FM.

While on air they both had perfect control of the console and pitched their voices just like a professional radio host would do.

This marveled a lot of callers when they later called in the show.

Kuami Eugene had once hosted a show on Angel FM so he might have gotten the experience from that.

Dollar on You’ hitmaker Kuami Eugene  said in an interview on HItz FM that “We having our concert at the 02 Indigo is special, to be able to do that, it means you are being accepted somewhere and you are being loved, your music is actually being listened to as an artiste. To have this is what everybody is seeking for. That is what we are fighting for, to be listened to and to have the opportunity to have your tickets out there. This is the blessing every musician is asking for, so if we have it, we just just have to be thankful,”

Have a look at the video below.


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