Kofi Adomah was lashed by a woman – Mmrantiehene alleges

Social media critic and Youtuber, Mmrantiehene has joined scores of Ghanaians who have reacted to recent attack on broadcast journalist Kofi Adomah.

Alot of people have consoled Kofi Adomah after the attack but it seems Mmrantiehene is happy about the saga.

Speaking in a Facebook life, Mmrantiehene widely alleged that Kofi Adomah was severely lashed by one of his many girlfriends after a heated argument.

Mmrantiehene continued that he knows the lady who lashed Kofi Adomah and if he dares come out to deny his claims, he will drop the identity of the lady and further grant an interview with her for the truth to come out.

The vlogger who seems to know more about the assault on Kofi Adomah explained that the presenter was never attacked by armed robbers as he wants Ghanaians to believe and he came up with the fake “armed robbers” cock and bull story just to save himself and the impending disgrace.

Going on to cement his allegations that Kofi Adomah was never beaten by armed robbers, Mmrantiehene argued that the wounds on Kofi Adomah are minor and were not caused by a sharp object but rather by a cane.

According to Mmrantiehene, Kofi Adomah’s latest predicament is as a result of his serious womanizing habit which he has refused to quench and stick to his wife alone.