King Promise’s ‘PromiseLand’ concert flops as it records low turnout

King Promise’s much anticipated concert dubbed ‘PromiseLand’ which was held yesterday flopped after fans fail to attend.

Fans who attended the event were left stranded after they got there and realized the entire place has not been set up for the show.

Many of the patrons took to social media to vent their anger about the inconvenience.

“Where is the stage?” “Why is the music not playing yet?” “Where are the artists?” Why is there a low turn-up?”

Those were some of the unanswered questions posed by these agitated fans who had come from far and near to the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel to witness and partake in the “Promiselnad” concert.

It is believed the reason for the low turn-up is a reaction by the fans to King Promise’s failure to show up at the Wizkid show some weeks ago.