King Promise’s music videos banned from being played

King Promise’s music videos banned from being played on 3 music, Sadiq Abdulai has revealed.

In a Facebook post, the owners of 3 Music TV, Sadiq Abdulai Abu has disclosed that his outfit placed an outright ban on King Promise for disrespecting them.

According to him, he has washed his hands off King Promise and will not be involved in his music career.

He explained that

“I sent a message to him and Killbeats through Ike Otoo Arhin and Erasmus that. The day he will tweet some of the nonsense he tweets about non-support and bla bla.”
“That day, I will move from radio station to radio station, tweet to tweet, TV to TV to indicate why he doesn’t have the moral rights to even talk about that”.
“He is the only person that continues to get enablement but doesn’t enable anybody back. For starters, my channel di3 all his videos are off.”
“There is nothing I am involved in, whether directly or remotely that will involve him. Maybe the awards board can choose to have him. It’s their power but personally, I am off any King Promise agenda”.