King promise should buy me Trassaco mansion – lookalike demands

Richard, also known as Rovers GH, who claims to bear an uncanny resemblance to Ghanaian artist King Promise, has made a request for the musician to assist him in securing an apartment in the upscale Trassaco area.

In recent weeks, the emergence of lookalikes has become a topic of interest on social media, with some expressing concern over the phenomenon. There have been claims that these individuals are hired to perform at events, where they are paid for performing the songs of the main artist without prior consent.

However, Rovers GH has refuted these allegations, stating that although he looks like King Promise, he does not perform the musician’s songs. In fact, he revealed in an interview with Ghpage TV that he himself is a musician who performs his own songs.

Despite not having met King Promise in person, Rovers GH hopes the musician will assist him in securing a spacious and comfortable apartment in Trassaco, rather than a mere single room.

His request is grounded in his desire to have a peaceful environment where he can carry out his look-alike duties efficiently. Rovers GH also expressed gratitude to King Promise for gifting him a phone, but believes that more can be done to assist him.