King Nasir is not my type, I can’t sleep with someone who laughs during s.3x – Shugatiti

Ghanaian nudist, Shugatiti has fired some shots at American porn actor, King Nasir for being desperate.

Not long ago, Shugatiti disclosed in an interview that she had never had an orgasm. Despite having s.3x with countless men, none of them has been able to satisfy her to the core. According to her, she uses s.3x toys to please herself most of the time.

The revelation from her caught the attention of famous American pornstar, King Nasir who offered to help her reach orgasm.

Speaking in an exclusive with Zionfelix, the renowned model lashed out at Nasir for storming her inbox after the video of her went viral.

Shugatiti revealed that she never had any idea of who Nasir is until she watched a couple of his s3x videos and she was shocked at some of the things she saw.

“For someone who laughs while having sex, what will I do with him? I didn’t know him until I saw some of his videos. I once saw a video of a girl riding him and he was lying there laughing. He didn’t feel anything. Who does that? I don’t know why people think I’ll be involved with such a guy? Because I take bikini pictures? No!” she stated.

Touching on claims that they were gearing up for a sexual bout after King Nazir announced it on Twitter and even solicited funds for a live telecast, Shugatiti said;

“I don’t like him. Although I like skinny guys, he is not my type. The last thing I’ll do is to act porn, no matter the amount involved, I won’t. I heard he was in Ghana but I never saw him. I never did, we are not in touch. He was raising the funds on Twitter without my knowledge.”


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