Founder and leader of Alive Chapel International, Prophet Elisha Salifu Amoako who doubles as the spiritual father of the US-based Ghanaian pastor who allegedly killed his wife, Sylvester Ofori has revealed that Ofori’s ability to kill his wife was influenced by witchcraft.

He disclosed that he prompted his son about the death of his wife when he paid visit in Orlando and asked him to pray about it.

Speaking to Kwamena Idan on Adom FM, Prophet Salifu Amoako said;

“I visited them; his wife complained to me about their situation, I spoke to them. I went to him on a different day and told him he should be careful otherwise, he will kill his wife. Whatever has happened was caused by a spirit that is haunting the gentleman.”

“People are whining on social media but they don’t even know the man. I know him. I know them. I prophesied they’d go to America before they left the shores on Ghana. I repeat, something is haunting the gentleman. Whatever has happened is pure witchcraft; it is a calculated witchcraft attack on him.”

Prophet Amokao then spoke fondly about the qualities of Pastor Sylvester Ofori and why spiritual forces are at play and can influence the life of anyone adversely.

“The guy is a very good guy. He is very respectful. Something triggered his action. A spirit caused it. There are powers in this world. This can happen to anybody.”

Watch video below;