Keta SHS, Lamini turns down Dubai trip offer

Keta SHS, Lamini turns down Dubai trip offer without her two colleagues with a very good reason.

Francisca Lamini, a Keta Senior High Technical School (KETASCO) contestant, accomplished another feat just a week after leading her team to the finals of the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ).

Miss Lamini was chosen to join Prempeh College on their international tour to Dubai and Nairobi in January of next year.
This recent collaboration is courtesy of both Adansi Travels and Kenya Airways to support the brilliant lady whose outstanding performance in the 2021 NSMQ was widely praised across the country.

The award is for being named the Most Outstanding Female Contestant for 2021, as well as being the first female to appear in the finals since 2013.

But in the an interview with TV3, Lamini has turned down the offer saying she won’t go on the trip unless her friends with whom she competed at the NSMQ went with her.